Amber Rose STRIPS Down Once Again…That Bikini Body is WOW

Amber Rose

We’ve seen it all when it comes to Amber Rose but every now and then, she gives it back to us in a new fashion. This time, it’s a bikini and that body makes me jealous.

What do you think?

VIDEO: Meet the Trashy African Rising Musician Who Wants to Be Like Rihanna

Cheap woman

A lot of people aspire to be different things but when you meet an African who cannot even pronounce the name of Rihanna properly—and yet aspires to be like Rihanna, then you should run for your life.

That is when you know that, the trashy African is coming for you.

Watch the video below and you will get what we are talking about…It’s a HOT MESS

Watch the S*x Tape Of The Girl Who Claims to Be Pregnant For Ghanaian Footballer Asamoah Gyan


A 22 year old student from Ghana-Sarah Kwabla made headlines in Ghana yesterday when it emerged that she was pregnant for Ghanaian football star Asamoah Gyan. The girl also threatened to leak a s*x tape involving the footballer, if the footballer did not give what she wanted.

The 22 year old claims she secretly recorded Gyan chopping her down in February—but that is not all, she is now pregnant and she is demanding that Asamoah Gyan should get her a neatly furnished apartment, a housemaid and a monthly stipend of $1,000 for postnatal care. She also claims the footballer raped her.

We have the 50 seconds video which you can watch below—but contrary to her claims, it’s just her doing a strip tease in her bed. Obviously, someone is behind the camera—doing the recording. We are not sure who it could be but there are speculations that it could be Asamoah Gyan.

**Asamoah Gyan’s lawyer-Kissi Adjarbeng has stated on radio that indeed Asamoah Gyan had s*x with this young lady but it was consensual—meaning, there was nothing like rape.

**The young claims Asamoah Gyan chopped her bum (sodomized her) during the intercourse without permission, that is where the whole rape allegation comes from. So it looks like she is saying, she only granted permission for her front to be chopped but after doing that, Asamoah Gyan allegedly moved to chop her backside too.

**Asamoah Gyan’s lawyer in relation to the rape has stated that, that is a total lie—that it is a blackmail from Sarah Kwabla.

**Sarah Kwabla claims she is pregnant for Asmaoah Gyan following their intercourse and as such Gyan has to provide for her upkeep. Gyan’s lawyer stated on radio today that the 22-year-old initially agreed on 2,000 cedis a month so he doesn’t understand the ridiculous amount she is seeking now.

Sarah Kwablah, the lady who claims Asamoah Gyan impregnated her is asking for 1,000 dollars every month, Kissi Adjarbeng, lawyer for the footballer reveals.

“I arranged to give an initial amount of GHS 2,000 to her as maintenance every month, and it was even done on humanitarian reasons,” he told Fiifi Banson on ‘Anopa Kasapa’ on Kasapa 102.3 Fm. “How much does it cost for an antenatal in Ghana….you can’t keep on making such demands.”

Asamoah Gyan’s counsel also added that there was a no show from Ms Kwabla after they had agreed for a DNA test. “We even booked her for a DNA test, and she never appeared to do it, on the appointment day,” he said.

Watch the VIDEO Below More

OMG! Nigerian Gospel Music Star-Maheeda Post A Photo Of Her Pu*sy Again on Instagram | See It



Nigerian gospel musician-Maheeda, real name Caroline Sam is back and this time, she has put her entire pu*sy in your face. She posted the above photo on instgram with the message;

“They said they are tired of my other me, I should show some pussy, this is all you will get…”

Think about, she is a gospel musician.

Check another photo of her below… More

10 Reasons Why SEX is Good For You…I Mean All Human Beings

Bad Chick3

1.) Having sex relieves headaches, everytime you make love, it releases the tension in the veins of the brain.

2.) A lot of sex can clear the stuffy nose. Sex, is natural antihistamine. It helps to fight against astma and spring allergies.

3.) Making love is a spectacular beauty treatment. Scientists have discovered that wen a woman has Sex, it produces a large amount of estrogen that gives shines and softness to hair.

4.) Sex is one of the safest sports. Make love often strengthens the muscles of male and female body. Its more enjoyable than swimming 20 laps in the pool and there is not need special shoes.

5.) Make love slowly, smoothly and in a relaxed way reduces the chances of suffering dermatitis, skin rashes and acne. The sweat produced cleanses the porses and make ur skin glow.

Nigeria’s Gospel Musician-Maheeda Puts Photo Of Her PUSSY On Instagram


Nigeria’s Maheeda is not only crazy to call herself a Gospel musician, she also needs to see a doctor for some of her actions. She sent the below photo of her pussy out via instagram and wrote;


What do you think?


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Video: Nigerian Angel Niki Shows Pussy On Stage In Italy


Is it not sad what some Africans do abroad for a living? This is a Nigerian by name Angel Niki doing her job in Italy. Check out the 22 and beyond minutes in the video.

Oh Africans!

Play the video below

No Woman No Cry

Nadia Buari’s Small Boobs


If you have been wondering how Ghanaian actress Nadia Buari’s boobs joomla business templates look like, here they are in a small bikini. Some guys like it small and others like it HUGE.

Samba Time! This Is Why You Should Visit The Brazil Carnival

Brazil Carnival

It is that time of the year in Brazil again…Samba Time when real fine women dance their heads off-literally naked…

Brazil’s Carnival celebrations opened with design advice for Sacramento a bang yesterday as hundreds of thousands took to the streets to enjoy the start of the country’s famous parades and street parties.

You know what, every one must in his or her life time experience Samba in Brazil…Craziness Fun at its peak!

Brazil Carnival2

Brazil Carnival3

Brazil Carnival4

Kelly Rowland Shows Her BIG Nipples

Kelly Rowland Nipple

Kelly Rowland Nipple

After Halle Berry showed of her nipple wearing a see through dress, Kelly Rowland has stepped into her shoes, showing her BIG THICK nipples…

Are you liking it?