LEAKED: The Ghanaian Musician-Raquel Who Forgot Her Panties Home & Went On Stage To Show Her Pucci

We are not sure why these photos have been push into the dark. We are here to bring all those photos, videos and documents that are so embarrassing and as such, some people are hiding them from the public.

Few months ago, this Ghanaian singer who claims to be 24 ( I say claim because her pucci looks like that of 54 yrs old woman, very well demolished) went on stage to perform in Ghana in that skimpy dress. And guess what, she says she forgot her panties at home, so everything was on display.

Thanks to the photographer who did his work so well to capture the shot and also thank to the person who leaked them to us. This girl came out after the incident to say she does not care and people should rather concentrate on her music not the nude photo news. When will these celebrities learn?

Now Enjoy and let’s know what you think!



And below is here music
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